Welcome to the websites of the company RADIANA-Kovo which is the Czech largest manufacturer of steel finned pipes. The company was found in 1996 and followed the long-year tradition of the finned pipes manufacture in ironworks in Veselí nad Moravou.

Since 1996 we have extended our offer by the product dimensions which are not mentioned in the CSN. It concerns both the reduction of the pipe diameters and the thickness of steel strips (thickness up to 2 mm) and the lead of fins.

More than ever before we have extended the offer of the finned pipes made of stainless steel, which can be used mainly in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Our company has extended its manufacture by heating elements which are manufactured both of finned and bare pipes upon the concrete wish of our customers. As the complementary manufacture, we have introduced the manufacture of steel connecting sleeves, the welding of small steel structures and the international freight.

Our main objective is to comply with the requirements of our customers and to satisfy them with out products and services.

For all other information on our company and our products please contact our phone numbers +420 518 32 97 28 or our address RADIANA - KOVO spol. s r.o.,
696 73 Hrubá Vrbka 161.


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