The heating elements are mostly made as welded in arcs or tubes. Upon the customer's wish it is possible to make the heating elements of any dimension of the pipes we manufacture, i.e. beginning from the dia. 16 mm to the dia. 108 mm, with the lengths of 0,5 m through 6 m.

The outlets for connection of the heating elements are made according to the customer's wish and so does the surface treatment which can be done both with priming coat and top coat with synthetic paint.

Delivery time is within 3 weeks after your order.

Advantages of heating elements as compared to the traditional central heating bodies:

  • the life time - in regard to the heating pipes wall thickness which is 2 - 3 mm, the life time is close to the life time of elements made of cast iron and it surpasses the life time of tradition heating bodies with an essentially lower price;
  • the price for comparable parameters is by 30 - 40 % lower as compared to the prices of traditional heating bodies;
  • the heating bodies are suitable for industrial buildings, outhouses and public rooms

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