Dear customers,
Let us to offer you the deliveries of ribbed tubes, which are made from longitudinal welded steel tubes crack detectioned and pressured, in quality 11343 casely in the first qualities including stainless qualities.

Ribbed tubes can be made from the tubes with diameters from 18 up to 109 mm. The lenghts of tubes is possible to make according to customer's wish. Ribbs are made from the steel strips with thickness 0,5 - 0,8 mm, the width of strip is 10 - 50 mm.
The lead of strip can be in the range 3,5 - 25,2 mm. Tubes can be delivered with scaled surface without coat or with inside priming coat.
The end of tubes are smooth and cut off uprightly to the axis of tube.
The test of tightness is carried out by inside over pressure 5,0 MPa before the ribs are winding up.

The advantages of application in comparison with classical radiator:

  • utilization for industrial purposes and for housing construction also
  • possibility to use for heating and for cooling - efficiency 87%
  • ribbed tubes life is compared with část ironed radiators and surpassed the life of classical heating elements together with lower price (30 - 40%)

We will be very pleased to give you more informations on our telephone: 0042 518 329 728

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